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Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate conditions that facilitate a journey to a happier healthier you. The Pinpoint Nutrition membership grants access to a suite of nutrition, fitness and well-being services that combine to form the complete health package. Using the most up-to-date, evidence-based approaches to health improvement, we strive to empower you to take control of your health within a supportive inclusive environment. This isn’t about quick fixes, this is about laying the foundations from which optimum health and vitality can be nurtured and sustained for years to come.



The membership will comprise of individualised, tailored nutritional support and guidance, delivered by one of the only qualified Associate Nutritionists on island, registered to the Association for Nutrition. The nutritional element will be further complimented by live, interactive food demonstrations to help improve culinary skills and to provide inspiration relating to healthy meal preparation. Bespoke, individual and group-based personal training sessions will also be delivered by some of the islands’ most experienced Personal Trainers in addition to voluntary Yoga sessions delivered by both the wonderful Emma Lapidus and Kalimukti Studios to further ensure a truly holistic approach to health improvement.



One-to-one consultations, guidance and support delivered by a Registered Associate Nutritionist, tailored toward your specific goals, requirements and body composition.

Individual dietary analysis.

Calculation of daily calorie requirements.

Bi-weekly weigh-ins and weight monitoring.

Live and interactive food demonstrations delivered by a highly skilled Chef specialising in healthy meal preparation


A choice of weekly group-based and/or individual personal training sessions specifically focused toward fat burn, improved cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle tone.

Saturday morning group-based personal training session (max. 10 members).

A fun, empowering and rewarding experience.


Weekly restorative Yoga sessions aimed towards promoting mobility, recovery and balance of the body and mind.


Guest appearances and work-shops delivered by various health professionals.
A supportive, interactive and educational environment that aims to provide long-lasting, sustainable results.
An exclusive and interactive social media platform where questions can be asked, inspiration given, support provided and best practices discussed.


"Three months and the change to my life is unbelievable. Pinpoint taught me how to eat healthily and how important it is to achieve the correct nutrition within your diet. Supported with constant tuition and guidance, I have learned how much I need to eat, how to train properly and how to look after my body and mind. Pinpoint has changed the way I look at “eating healthily” and I cannot believe the amount of energy I now have. The food demonstrations were fun and engaging and taught me plenty of recipes and kitchen tips to support me in my journey to better health. The food tastes unbelievable and there wasn’t one recipe that I didn’t like. I honestly couldn’t recommend this programme highly enough. Thank you Pinpoint nutrition for helping me to take back control of my health".

Lorraine (30)


Pinpoint programmes have been based upon strategies and approaches that have been proven to lead to success. You can count on us to stick to our end of the deal and to provide you with the best quality and care possible. There are just a couple of things we ask of you in return….

Commitment and a willingness to participate

Studies show the most successful health improvement programmes to result from engagement, support and community. This is therefore a fundamental element to the programme and members will be expected to commit to the course and to attend sessions outlined throughout the duration of the programme. We also understand that balancing work, health and family-life can be challenging and that for these reasons the occasional session may be missed. If you feel you are looking for something a little more flexible, we have programmes which may be better suited to your requirements. Therefore, please feel free to contact us to discuss alternative options.

Physical Exercise

Successful health improvement and weight loss have been shown to be most effective both when dietary modification and physical activity are combined. Therefore, it is essential that you must be engaged in at least 2 sessions of weekly rigorous exercise (this must be mixture of resistance and cardio-based exercise) in addition to attending Saturday morning sessions associated to the programme.

To show respect and support towards fellow attendees

We know this goes without saying and that individual goals are important, but our hope is that the support shown by fellow attendees will help pull others through the challenging aspects of the course and for all members to have a successful, enjoyable and empowering experience.

To be patient and open minded

There will undoubtedly be aspects of the membership that may be unfamiliar. Dietary modification, exercise and lifestyle changes can be challenging but being open to trying novel and alternative approaches will be an integral part of the journey. We have many tools at our disposal, and at times, we may need to reevaluate and adopt a different approach. Communication is also key and to this end, we would appreciate you working with us as well as letting us know if you feel a particular technique isn't best suited for you.

To enjoy the process

You have ultimately chosen to take charge of your health as well as to commit your time, finances and to engage with the services available. This in itself is a huge step in the right direction. In return, we hope you will not only reap the health benefits that initially drew you to us, but also find this to be an empowering, educational and enjoyable experience. Let's work hard but have fun in the process.



Registered Associate Nutritionist

  • Graduate of 1st Class honours in Nutrition from

      John Moores University​

  • Associate Nutritionist registered to The Association for Nutrition

  • Founder: Pinpoint Nutrition

  • Co-Founder: Jacob and Beau’s Mindfull Meals

As a qualified nutritionist, Beau strongly believes in providing nutrition related solutions backed by robust, scientific underpinnings. His aims are to support clients to achieve their health related goals and to thrive via client centred, tailored solutions - happily helping clients to live life well.

Aside from providing nutritional services in Jersey, Beau currently owns and manages his ethically driven healthy food business situated within The John Moores University, which is on a mission to revolutionise the way in which food is sourced, served and appreciated throughout academic institutions across the UK. Beau is a great believer that the food we choose to consume not only impacts our physical well-being, but plays a key role in both the regulation of cognitive performance and psychological well-being and is reflected in the Mindfull Meals’ strap line: “feeding bodies, nourishing minds”.


We hope you have found our website informative. If you feel you could benefit from the programme, please feel free to leave us with your details or to contact us using the following details

07829855477 or 07700327601

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Pinpoint Nutrition: Live Life Well

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